The best Filipino and Asian ingredients for home cooking

Pre-order hard to find Asian fruits like Philippine Mango, Saba (Banana), Mangosteen, Lanzones, Singkamas etc. Message us to know more information on prices, arrival and pick-up details.

Fresh vegetables, frozen fish and meat, seasonings and grade-A rice, available in our store and online. The complete ingredients and food for your perfect and delicious meal.

Your most favorite products

At our Asian supermarket in Emmeloord, we have an extensive selection of delicious products. In most cases, these products are hard to find in your traditional supermarkets, leaving you to alternatives when you would like to cook authentically Asian. We provide you the opportunity to bring Filipino, Indonesian and Thai culture into your kitchen by using excellent ingredients. Discover the rich variety of foods and goods online or at our Asian supermarket in Emmeloord!

Every Asian product you need in our Asian supermarket in Emmeloord

Delicious and fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen meat and fish, excellent rice and dry goods, snacks and drinks – these are some of the various options that are available at our Asian supermarket in Emmeloord. To make sure that you find the product you are looking for, we also have a online pre-order service. Here you can order fresh products and we will make sure that these are delivered quickly to your address, whether that is a Filipino mango or bananas. Bring the Indonesian or Thai culture truly back home with our fresh ingredients!

We are happy to help you

Let us at R.R.V Pinoy thoko assist you in finding the right ingredients in our Asian supermarket in Emmeloord to prepare that authentic Asian dish. Visit our Asian supermarket in Emmeloord or contact us by phone to ask us any questions you might have about our products or thoko. We are looking forward to help you!

Also Available in-store

Visit us at Moerasandijviestraat 26 8302 CK Emmeloord


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Asian Roots

RRV Thoko is a Filipino and Asian Store located in Emmeloord, Flevoland. It provides a wide-array of fresh, frozen food and non-food products mainly originating from the Philippines, Thailand, Chinese and other Arabic Countries. It is owned and operated by Violeta Mendiola Anuno since 2017.
Violeta was born in the Philippines but has lived and worked in the Netherlands for 20 years. 
She and her husband Ivan give you a warm welcome to their store.
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