Filipino thoko

In our Filipino thoko at Emmeloord, you are able to order a variety of products online. This provides you with the unique opportunity to use fresh and authentically Asian products. Bring the unique taste of the Philippines into your own home by ordering the ingredients you require from the web shop of R.R.V Pinoy thoko. From Philippine bananas and mangoes to dry goods and spices – we have many imported products that make it easy for you to make delicious Asian cuisine. Why would you not use the Filipino products at our online thoko in Emmeloord?

  • Wide variety of fresh products
  • Pre-order hard to find Asian fruits
  • Shop online or visit our store

Filipino and other Asian products available online at our thoko in Emmeloord

Apart from the fresh Filipino fruit that you can order online at our thoko in Emmeloord, we also have Indonesian and Thai products for sale. To optimally enjoy the richness of these Asian cuisines, we have collected all the unique ingredients from these countries in our assortment. This gives you an easy overview of all the seasonings, dry goods, snacks and drinks that are characteristic for these regions. Feel free to scroll through and make your pick from our extensive selection.

Pre-order fresh products at our store

For fresh fruit and vegetables, you can use our pre-order service. This way we are able to offer our products at their most fresh and deliver them in the best possible state at your doorstep. Are you looking for a particular product? Then please contact our employees, so they can try to order the exclusive ingredient you are looking for.

Contact us when you have any questions

Scroll through our online thoko and find the Filipino products you are looking for at our store in Emmeloord. Place your order online and expect a swift delivery to the address of your choosing. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us by calling 0527 239150.