Indonesian products

Our online web shop has a variety of Indonesian products available. To make it as easy as possible for you, you can simply place your order and expect the product to be delivered swiftly to the address of your choosing. In no time you will be able to bring the unique flavor palate of Indonesia into your own home. By using fresh and authentic Indonesian products, you will make food that truly has its origin in this country.

  • Wide variety of fresh products
  • Pre-order hard to find Asian fruits
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Authentic Indonesian products and more

At R.R.V Pinoy thoko, you can choose from vegetables and fruit that are popular in Asia. Next to Indonesian products, you can also choose for Filipino and Thai products. These products are often hard to find in general supermarkets. For people who would like to cook in the traditional methods from these countries, it is also nice to use authentic food products. That is why you can choose for seasonings, dry goods, snacks, drinks and more typically Indonesian products. You are also able to pre-order fruits that are exclusively Asian.

Let us know what you need

Have you found the Indonesian products that you are looking for? Place your order in our online web shop and we deliver the products to your house! When you have any questions about our store or cannot find a particular product, then feel free to call us at 0527 239150.