Are you looking for a certain type of Asian vegetables? Or would you like to order the uniquely Philippine Mango? Both can be ordered in our online web shop. At R.R.V Pinoy thoko, you are able to choose a variety of typically Asian products online, from lemon grass, to Philippine mangos or bananas. As these are exclusive products, you cannot find them in the general and popular supermarkets. Seeing that we import these products fresh from Asia, you will be cooking and tasting the rich cuisine and culture from countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

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Pre-order your Asian fruits and vegetables at our thoko

We have a variety of Asian vegetables and fruits, such as bananas in our store. Whether you would like to order lemon grass online or taste a delicious Philippine mango, you simply have to pre-order these via our web shop. We will make sure that you can enjoy the unique flavors and tastes from Asia by delivering fresh products. Next to that, our thoko is rich with seasonings and dry products with Filipino, Thai and Indonesian roots. If you would like to cook with Asian ingredients for you and your family and friends, then order your vegetables here.

Bring the unique taste of Asia into your own home

A delicious fresh Philippine mango, a tasty bunch of Asian bananas or the unique taste of lemon grass – the possibilities are endless with the assortment from our online store. At R.R.V Pinoy thoko we want to make sure that you have everything you need to make a delicious, traditional meal. When there is a particular product that you are looking for, it is always recommended to get in contact with our employees. This way, we might be able to order the particular product or inform you about a different location where it could be available.

We are ready for you

Asian vegetables and bananas, fresh lemon grass and Philippine mangos are merely a small part of the products that we can deliver. Discover the variety of our online thoko and place your order! If you have any questions about us or our products, you may always get in contact with us by calling 0527 239150.

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