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At our thoko online web shop, you will be able to find all the Asian products that are usually not available at a supermarket. When you look through our selection, you will discover a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, but also frozen fish and meat, high-quality rice, snacks and drinks. This provides the opportunity to bring those unique flavors and tastes from Asia into your own home. There is simply no reason to not enjoy the delicious products that are available to order online at our Asian thoko web shop.

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Discover the rich variety of our online thoko web shop

Within the Asian culinary traditions, you will discover that there is an enormous variety of traditions and taste palates. To provide you with an extensive selection of products from these traditions, we import the ingredients as fresh as possible from the countries of origins. That is why you can taste Indonesian, Filipino and Thai foods at our online Asian thoko that cannot be found in a traditional supermarket. Think about the excellent rice from these regions but also frozen fish and meat that are truly typical for the Asian cuisine.

Use the online pre-order service of our Asian supermarket

If you are having difficulties in finding a particular Asian product, it might be useful to get to know the online pre-order option at our thoko web shop. This is where you can place an order for fruits such as the Philippine mango or lanzones. Through this service, we are able to reach internationally and online for Asian products where the traditional supermarket falls short. Our mission is to provide you with the ingredients so that you can bring the delicious taste and flavor to your own kitchen.

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Would you like to buy one or more products that are available online in our Asian thoko web shop? Then please place your order and we will make sure that the goods are swiftly delivered to your doorstep. If you have any questions about the products at R.R.V Pinoy thoko or about our Asian thoko in general, feel free to contact us by calling 0527 239150.